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Welcome to our Community! Please visit before posting.

Postby Red » Thu Dec 17, 2015 5:47 am

Hello and welcome!

We couldn't be more excited to have you on this voyage with us!

Feel free to introduce yourself here.

Don't be shy! We all want to get to know you.

What's that? You want to get to know us too?

Aww, you.

Well, here are some links made available for you to get more familiar with us and what our game is all about.


Our Team
About StariumXCV
Traveller's Guide
Concordium History
Playable Races
About Gwythdarian

Social Media:



Member Code of Conduct
Moderator Code of Conduct

Please read through what we have provided before asking questions. If you have one that cannot be answered by the links above, feel free to make a new topic and ask away! If not necessary to keep, questions may be moved or deleted in order to keep our forums nice and tidy. If it is serious and is answered, they may be moved or deleted as well after some time. However, this won't be so without keeping it provided through other means, such as with an extended FAQ list as questions build up over time.

Thank you for your time!

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