Core Council Report : 22nd October 2016 : Ships

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Core Council Report : 22nd October 2016 : Ships

Postby Mordred » Tue Oct 25, 2016 11:47 pm

StariumXCV is a game all about space, and as such it features a large collection of ships. These range from tiny unmanned probes to gargantuan Battle Stars, many times the size of a planet and boasting a crew of millions (billions?).

These vessels are arranged into loose class categories which denote their role in battle.

Ships designed to explore. They have negligible defences but are extremely cheap.
• Probe
• Scout

Strike Craft
Launched from larger craft equipped with hangars. Fighters are air superiority craft built to destroy bombers. Bombers meanwhile are armed with weapons capable of inflicting serious damage on larger vessels.
• Fighter
• Bomber

Small combat craft, armed to the teeth with lighter weaponry capable of reducing entire fleets of strike craft to ashes.
• Lancer
• Destroyer

The staple of any true combat fleet. Cruisers are all about versatility, balancing survivability with a good range of weaponry choices for any situation.
• Light Cruiser
• Heavy Cruiser
• Battle Cruiser

Vessels with a massive hull, capable of being outfitted with troop transport or strike craft modules - or both.
• Light Carrier
• Heavy Carrier

Capital Ships
The kings of stellar warfare, capital ships bring the big guns and are capable of fighting all classes of ship and also the smaller orbitals.
• Battleship
• Dreadnaught

Mass Capital Ships
Massive Capital Ships are massively powerful (and expensive) vessels that could change the balance of power in a region, a single ship being capable of tearing apart hostile fleets.
• Leviathan
• Battle Moon
• Battle Star

Defensive and immobile, Orbitals are a means to really stamp an Empire's claim to a region of space. They are far more powerful and much cheaper than any ship of comparable size.
• Platform
• Base Station
• Battle Station

Of course these are just templates. Players will have a great deal of control over just how their ships function, with the possibility of having multiple ship designs of a single class, each with a different load out for different jobs. We're not quite ready to explain precisely how this works, but essentially each template comes with a range of modules that can be fitted (shields, armour, weapons, missiles, etc), but a limited amount of space to actually utilise. This means a cruiser could be fitted with one really, really big gun for taking down battleships, or a number of smaller weapons for anti-cruiser work or even for fighting strike craft.

These decisions about how to design the ships form a very large part of the strategic gameplay. What do you know about your enemy? Do they favour a particular setup? Is their technology directed at a certain weapon class? If so, how do you counter this? Do you want more shields which recharge between battles, or armour which offers more raw hit points but must be repaired? How is your own technology moving? Are you focusing on missiles for that initial massive barrage? What if this doesn't kill the enemy? Do you have enough close-range weapons mixed in to defeat brawlers?

As you can see ships offer a huge amount of variation for players and this is only their combat power. Their shapes can also be customised, as can their colour scheme. Aliens may drop super rare designs that can really show off how adventurous your empire is... but this is something for another time!

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