Moderator Rules and Expectations

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Moderator Rules and Expectations

Postby Red » Fri Dec 04, 2015 2:04 am

Expectations of our Community's Moderators

We have one main goal for StariumXCV’s forum:

To provide players with an awesome forum experience in a fun, vibrant, and respectful atmosphere.

To help make this possible, we depend greatly on our moderators.

Our moderators are not police, but rather facilitators of discussion who are to be respectful and responsible enough to use their powers wisely and to in turn be respected. They are hand-picked by our team and we work with them personally to ensure our forum is moderated and maintained according to our vision.

Our moderation team is made up of four positions- Moderators, Senior Moderators, the Global Moderator, and the Community Manager. As members, it is very possible to become a moderator or senior moderator.


Chosen by our team, a member is offered the position of Moderator by the Community Manager. These are individuals who have shown to understand the proper conduct to practice while on our forums, are frequent users, and can be trusted with the responsibilities one must take on when becoming a moderator.

An individual accepts this role understanding that Moderators are expected to:

· access the forums at least once/day

· oversee one board

· create content

· facilitate and encourage member involvement

· promote interaction between members

· facilitate and encourage a sense of community

Senior Moderators

When a seasoned moderator has stuck with the forum and proven the ability to moderate both regularly and effectively, the Community Manager may appoint them the position of Senior Moderator. They are to be thought of as leaders and are expected to act accordingly. With some additional expectations, Senior Moderators have the same powers and responsibilities as Moderators.

Senior Moderators are expected to:

· oversee multiple boards

· create content

· facilitate and encourage member involvement

· promote interaction between members

· facilitate and encourage a sense of community

· help lead moderators

· verify/issue warning points

Powers of a Moderator

Moderators are given certain powers to help facilitate the success of our forum and to maintain a comfortable environment. Below is a detailed explanation of the powers a moderator holds and how each should be used.

Lock- A moderator may lock a thread so that members may not post/edit existing posts within it unless permitted. This makes the conversation “read only” for those without permission to modify the topic’s contents. Locking a topic is an effective way of closing a conversation while allowing users to later refer back to posts.

Tip: A moderator may lock a topic to end a conversation, then use a pinned summary post inside the topic. When users access the topic, the summary appears at the top.

The moderator should include the reason(s) for the thread being locked within a summary post.

Split- With this, a moderator may decide to split one or more posts from a thread to form a new thread. The new thread may also be moved to a different board, if out of place.

Tip: Use this when off-topic comments are made, but seem either relevant elsewhere or important in their own regard.

If split and/or moved, the moderator should make the member(s) whose post(s) were split aware of the situation.

Merge- This allows a moderator to merge two separate threads into one. This allows the forum to have fewer threads reflecting similar concerns/goals.

Tip: Use this when two discussions that are related in nature would be best dealt with together.

The moderator should inform those involved in the creation of the threads that were merged of this decision.

Sticky- A moderator may “sticky” select threads so that they “stick” to the top of their boards within the forum, always staying at the top of the page. This is usually used for threads containing rules, FAQs, and other content that members may wish to consistently see.

Tip: This may be used to prevent repeats of topics that have been created several times.

Move- A thread may be moved from one board to another.

Tip: Use this for unrelated threads within a board that may hold more relevance in other areas.

The moderator is to make sure the member who formed the thread is aware of it having been moved.

Edit- Moderators hold the power to edit threads/posts made by the forum’s members.

Tip: Edit in order to make textual changes if certain aspects should be changed/removed in order to coincide with our forum’s guidelines. Also, be sure to use this to remove large/inappropriate images.

The moderator should add a short note within the post about what was edited and why.

Delete- If necessary, a moderator may decide to delete posts/threads. This way, content that we do not allow on our forum maybe removed as soon as possible, such as spam. However, once a post/thread is deleted, it's gone. So, this power is to be used wisely by moderators. If felt to be necessary, posts/threads may be deleted so long as a record of the incident is kept.

Tip: If the ability to edit/lock serves as a fair solution for the time being, those powers should be exercised. Feel free to delete spam, advertisements, inappropriate material, etc. asap.

Moderators are to contact the member(s) involved in creating the need for deletion of content, detailing the issue.

Mute- Moderators may recommend select members to be muted for a period of time. This requires verification by either the Global Moderator or the Community Manager. Either the Global Moderator or the Community Manager shall determine whether the member should be muted and, if so, for how long. The more points a member has, the greater chance they have to be muted for a longer period of time.

Tip: This power is to be used to discipline members for spamming, excessive posting, etc. It may also serve to stall arguments and allow select members to cool off.

When requested to mute a member, a detailed explanation for why should be made. If decided, the Global Moderator or Community Manager will notify the member that is to be muted.

If ever a moderator feels unsure as to how to handle a given situation, then the individual is to contact a Senior Moderator, the Global Moderator, or the Community Manager. From them, feedback will be given. Moderators and Senior Moderators are always able to report members for further disciplinary action, if they feel necessary, to the Global Moderator and/or the Community Manager at [email protected]

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