Core Council Report : 22nd August 2016 : The Company

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Core Council Report : 22nd August 2016 : The Company

Postby Mordred » Thu Sep 22, 2016 4:44 pm

Hey, there!
Red here, your StariumXCV Community Manager. This month, we thought it would be nice to touch on the company, Gwythdarian L.L.C., and the people working to deliver this exciting new sci-fi MMO strategy game.
Gwythdarian L.L.C. is an interactive media company specializing in browser-based games. It is owned and operated by Jim Landes and Dr. Tim Trainor. Their goal is to promote the interactive entertainment industry in West Michigan by offering direct opportunities for programmers, artists, and writers. Together they lead a team of talented and creative people who desire to make amazing games for your web browser, beginning with StariumXCV.
Over the course of its development, Gwythdarian L.L.C. has brought in 30+ people to add to this awesome offering, and each influence has made it that much greater.
To read more on this great company and the driven individuals behind StariumXCV’s development, visit Gwythdarian’s website at:

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