Member Rules and Expectations

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Member Rules and Expectations

Postby Red » Fri Dec 04, 2015 2:07 am

StariumXCV’s forum offers a comfortable, respectful environment for all those who wish to be a part. The forum is personally overseen by our team members with the goal of delivering the best service possible. Our moderators work with an attitude of fairness and are part of a system that ensures our content to be well-evaluated. We facilitate and encourage nothing but positive interactions to fuel creativity, spread knowledge, and form bonds between fellow players in the awesome experience that StariumXCV has to offer.

Forum Rules and Conduct Expectations

To maintain this atmosphere, we have set certain guidelines in place so that everyone may feel welcome and have as much enjoyment through our forums as possible.

Our Golden Rule: Respect our forum and its members

We expect all members to treat our forum and others in a courteous, friendly manner. We ask that our members make themselves aware of our guidelines and that they conduct themselves accordingly when using our forum. We understand disputes occur and that problems will arise between members. However, any sort of negative, disrespectful interaction had on our forum will be investigated and action will be considered. Disagreements and matters of opinion should be discussed in a respectful, constructive way.

If a member has an issue with another, feel free to contact a moderator and the issue will be handled as best seen fit. We stress that these issues are not for our members to take into their own hands, but something for them to make sure we are aware of so that we may work to better our forum and our community.

To ensure the quality of our forum, we do not allow:

• Harassment, sexism or racism of any nature

• Vulgar language/content

• Discrimination/Disrespect/Cyber bullying

• Plagiarism

• Advertising

• Spamming

• Posting of inappropriate material (lewd comments/photos, misleading/irrelevant comments)

• Necro-boosting (reviving old threads)

• Post-boosting (excessively posting to increase post count)

• Excessive bumping of threads (Excessively posting in a thread to keep it in the forefront of a board)

Warning Points

Our forum uses a system of warning points to hold members responsible and to keep our forum up to our standards. When considered for receiving warning points, a moderator will make note of the situation and bring it forward to either a senior moderator, the Global Moderator or the Community Manager. How the issue will be handled will be decided from there.

Here’s our breakdown of the warning points system, including the amount of points issued for certain problems and what to expect when a point threshold is exceeded.

0 points- Warning (A message of cease and desist from a moderator will be received, explaining the issue)

1 point- Minor offences; spamming,necro-boosting, post boosting, excessive bumping of threads, creating multipleappeals (excessive), light advertising

3 points- Moderate offences; vulgar language/content, discrimination/disrespect/cyber bullying, posting inappropriate material, plagiarism, heavy advertising

5 points- Major offences; harassment, sexism, racism, etc.

0-1 point- A warning will be issued.

2-4 points- A message from a senior moderator explaining the issue and a warning will be received. The member can expect to automatically be muted for number of points given in hours to allow the air to clear (i.e. 3 points = 3 hours of being muted). Extended muting is possible (i.e. for spamming).

5+ points- The Global Moderator will investigate the situation and decide upon the disciplinary action that will need to betaken (usually prolonged mutes, personal messages and warnings). It is possible for a member to be banned at this point if seen as necessary.

10+ points- The Community Manager will investigate the situation. This will occur after multiple transgressions ranging in varied severity. At this point, a member will be heavily considered for extended mutes or bans.

If a member ever feels at any point that they have wrongfully been issued warning points or been mistreated by a moderator, they are free to make an appeal and to contact our Community Manager at [email protected].

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