Why should I play your game?

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Why should I play your game?

Postby wanderingwayne » Mon Mar 13, 2017 4:00 pm

Hi Starium guys,

So I like playing video games and I really like strategy games and games that let me hang with my friends. I like my Xbox but I get a lot of my games from GOG or steam, and even occasionally try a mobile game app. There are a lot of really cool looking video games looking to be released in the next year or two. I work and go to school and am definitely not rich so my time is valuable and money for games is limited. My question for you guys is why should I put you guys on my list of Games To Play? :geek:

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Re: Why should I play your game?

Postby Tsingularis » Mon Mar 13, 2017 5:19 pm

To start, Starium XCV is a free to play browser based game which means a low cost of entry to try it and the ability to move across several platforms--computer, smart phone, tablet and internet-connected game consoles like your Xbox.

The game play itself is expansive in that players have 10s of 1,000s of worlds to explore. The play is also nuanced in that a player's position can be advanced thru trade and agents (political & religious) along with military might projected by armies and space fleets.

It does not require constant attention to play for those with busy work and family schedules.

The Development Team feels this adds up to an experience worth trying. It is an epic interstellar odyssey.

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Re: Why should I play your game?

Postby saxondragon » Mon Mar 13, 2017 7:21 pm

I am a player as well as designer.

From a player I want to capture that sense of wonderment as I explore star systems, the sense of never quite knowing what is around that corner and a slew of relevant unanswered questions, strategies or designs I can implement to meet the various challenges I face in that game environment.

I want a dynamic game system where the game players itself..and I can interact or not interact with elements to change it as I see fit.

I want to customize my own game position that other players can see and interact against.

Consider this possible scenario:

After starting the game and exploring near by star systems I find an NPC race of insects that are fragmented into three pre-industrial main empires on a warm world primarily of forest and plains (food producing areas). I make allies of one empire, and am raising their technology and it looks through them I may engineer a way to conquer the other two and set up trade agreements where I get much needed food in exchange for technology. My plans are going well when another player lands on the planet and starts to dump his religious agents and converts half of the planet to a religion I have no direct influence over.

What do I do?

The tools at my disposal are covert with agents to do dirty wet work (assassination, sabotage, theft, or just spying) or by training up or advancing my own religious agents to counter the blasphemers of that other false religion, diplomatic (create treaties, ranging from trade to mutual defense) with other players and/or NPC empires, economic sanctions by controlling orbit of the said world and to bend one of these empires or that other player to my will, or do I extend the conflict by creating a federation or joining a federation and bringing other players into the conflict? Oh yes, then there is direct military intervention where I shuttle my infantry, air and armor units to just take what I want.

This is at the highest level.. then we get into the advancement of Technology on the Lexicon; a technology development method that makes every player and every NPC unique in their technology knowledge and advancement.

Not to mention my own leaders, a small cadre of personalities with unique skills that will influence all aspects of game play.

I guess the short answer is I want, as a player, to be blown away. I want a game that is easy to play and understand (short learning curve) but has immense depth and nuance and allows me to customize my own position and it gives me a continual stream of unique experiences and high contextual decisions to make.

You want to know why you should be playing? It is value. This is not a cookie cutter boxed one size fits all experience. Each and every empire you play in the game develops differently, has different problems, different experiences. There is so much to see and do that it would take years to experience it all.

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Re: Why should I play your game?

Postby Red » Mon Mar 13, 2017 9:00 pm

I like how Saxondragon put it... "It is value".

This describes every decision we've ever made in moving forward. We've questioned the worth of our ideas, and we've worked to build upon those we've implemented in ways that only make the Starium "universe" and gameplay that much more rich and worth playing. Nothing has been done without this in mind.

And I'll say this.

We're a team of talented individuals who have worked on this game for years together, in our spare time. This game isn't something we've HAD to make. It's something we've WANTED to make. Every effort put forth has only been to add to the value of the future experience we call StariumXCV, and we believe all of our hard work will speak for itself. We answer to no one but ourselves and our players.

But the real reason to play...

is to join my federation! ;D
Chet DeLano

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Re: Why should I play your game?

Postby Chaosgemini » Tue Mar 14, 2017 1:40 am

Starium was designed as a game that respects your time.

In-game decisions take real world time which allow you windows of opportunity during the day where you can think about your next decision without it being necessary to attend the game 24/7; life is ever demanding, so we make the in-game execution of these orders simple to do while designing in tactical flexibility if you decide to dig deeper. Conveniently, from any device that can access a web browser.

We also respect your wallet. The game is free to play. Read as:

We don't lock the game behind paywalls that prevent players from progressing. We keep a keen eye on how we implement micro-transactions (cosmetics, etc) to avoid the trap of pay-to-win -- where cash circumvents the play and unbalances the game.

At the heart of our game is Choice and Consequence. Wonderment and Exploration.

You can team up with friends, and encounter other empires (both human and computer) and engage in their history and stories. Your challenge is how you choose to interact with them. Your actions, alongside the actions of other empires, will have impact on all others in the galaxy. You're carving out a section of space to call your own and putting on a Space Opera with all the adventures it entails.

I joined the team because the idea of the game they were making was the kind of experience that stokes my love of strategy and science fiction. I wanted to construct my empire, explore the stars, cast myself into the unknown to meet the kind and the undesirable, and pit my wits against the challenges that a space faring empire faces.

And being able to experience all of this during the spare moments of your day?

That's why you should play StariumXCV.
Ethan Boeve
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